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To Provide a site where you can visit and get the latest news, ideas, tips, tricks, and information about the world's most respected and sought after notebook computer-The IBM Thinkpad. Ever since it's introduction, the IBM Thinkpad has been the leader in laptop technology. Often imitated, however never duplicated. With it's excellent reputation for being the most durable and supported laptop in the industry, the Thinkpad continues to drive the market, offering the most innovative features and the latest cutting edge features that eventually become industry standards. Thinkpadz.com is proud to offer this website where users can converge and exchange information, ideas and tips, as well as purchase the latest offerings in the Thinkpad line. As this sight evolves, we hope you will visit often, and provide your feedback as well as your input on what you would like to see here. Feel free to email us at ideas@thinkpadz.com with any suggestions you may have.

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